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We still need more time to achieve all the functionality and some are not activated, we are still improving the site!

Uploads are disabled for now but if you have traveled recently we would be honored to host it and share it. Contact us!

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How it works?

If you feel a bit confused, don't worry, you will find here answers to all your questions!

What is this site?

This website's purpose is to let everyone share his own travel experience through pictures, stories and good advices. When you decide to explore a country or the world, some advices are always welcome!

What i can see?

Start by the searching page in order to find a country where a WorldTraveler has traveled and let yourself go by his travels experiences

How to share my trip?

Go to the homepage of your trip and click on 'Share'. You will have the possibility to share your trip on facebook, twitter and others. You can also share a step of your trip with a direct link.

How to create a new trip?

First of all, you have to register to join the WorldTraverlers community. Then, you can access to your profile, available in the navbar on the top of the screen, and click on 'New Trip' and let the adventure begin.

What to say in your travel summary?

Your travel experience can help other people to organize their own trip, to know the best ways to discover a country or to explore the world. Your experience is very precious then! Try to give the most of details: the transportations you used, the best spots you discovered or on the contrary the places to avoid, but also some practical information concerning clothing or weather.

How to upload pictures?

You have to be patient for now. The website is still in BETA and we want to avoid getting trouble with our hosting partner, so you can send us a message and we'll give you an access. In that case, we would be glad to help you doing it and to count you into the WorldTravelers community as a BETA Tester!

What is public?

Your trip and steps are public as soon as you publish your trip. All the descriptions are available on the internet without any needs of having an account. WorldTravelers is a community so you have no possibility to make a trip completely private, but you can naturally choose to hide some pictures by making them private.

Publishing trips and steps?

Your trip is viewable as soon as you click the button 'publish my trip'. But don't forget to publish each step because the publication isn't automatic in order to let you some time to finish the writing of your step.

Private pictures?

In order to avoid to make all your pictures public on the internet, you have the possibility to keep some of it private, which means that the unauthorized users won't be able to see it when reading your travel experience. Nevertheless, you can create a shareable link with the 'share private picture' option, which will allow you, your friends and family to enjoy your trip with all pictures.

Questions ? Feedback ?

We are still in BETA version (uploads are not opened yet) but don't hesitate to contact us to create your trip on World Travelers!

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